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Quality care from 2 - 5 years

Full time available

My Philosophy

When it comes to childcare, nothing short of the best will do. Little Critters Preschool & Childcare is committed to providing childcare services at the highest level. It has been my pleasure to share in the growth of numerous children while providing a safe, wholesome and nurturing environment for them to love, learn and explore.  The children have a fun and exciting space to play and learn. Everything is at their level and within reach. 


This Child Care Provider believes that children should be nurtured and loved.  A number of studies have been conducted to determine if children who spend fifty hours or more in the care of someone other than a family member are enhanced or inhibited.  The kind of care a child receives can have a profound effect upon the child.  It is the goal of this Child Care Home to provide a warm, loving, safe and stimulating environment to enhance the growth of the child.


Children should be given every opportunity to explore their world and to come to a realization of the wonder of it all.  They need help learning self-control and self-expression.  They need help realizing that they can express their very strong emotions in the proper way and the proper time, whether positive or negative.  Children should be taught limits and self-discipline, in a manner that encourages their own self-worth.  Children should be allowed to march to their own drummer.  They should come to realize that their own music is special, wonderful and worthy.


This Child Care Home seeks through varied activities, self-direction positive discipline, to help each child to become their own wonderful person.  A person that is considerate to others, pleasant to be with, and well assured of their own value in their family, their Child Care Home and the world around them.        

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